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Terms And Conditions

1. Please Carry following documents compulsorily before boarding :
  • Travel Ticket (One Copy) alternatively you can also present your NANDANBUS mTicket with original Govt. Approved id proof.
  • Photo Identity Card (One Copy - Govt. Approved)
2. Cancellation charges are as follows:
Time before Departure Cancellation Charges
 Within 6 Hrs of Journey Time. 100%
 Between 6 Hrs and 12 Hrs of Journey Time. 25%
 Between 12 Hrs and 1 Day of Journey Time. 15%
 Between 1 Day and 45 Days of Journey Time. 10%
3. Reporting time is 30 minutes before scheduled departure.
4. Management reserves the right to change the seat numbers at their discretion.
5. Co-Seats of lady passenger will be confirmed to a lady passenger only.
6. LCD Screen and Wi-Fi is an additional facility, not a condition.
7. Ticket is neither transferable, nor refundable.
8. Change Requests to the origin and/or destination of travel and/or customer name are not permitted on ticket.
9. Ticket Cancellations are not entertained over phone.
10. Cancelled ticket amount is transferred back to the source, which means your credit / debit / net banking / cash card or mobile payment account. The cancelled ticket amount is refunded by the respective bank subject to terms and conditions of the bank. However, if you need any assistance for repayments you can contact our Head office or mail us at
11. No-Refunds or Complaints will be entertained for passenger waiting for the Bus at an incorrect boarding point. The passenger is requested to confirm the exact boarding point and time with us well in advance.
12. In case AC unit fails, Rs 10/- will be refunded from our Office.
13. Maximum 20kg of Baggage & Luggage is allowed per passenger. Above 20kgs is chargeable as per policies.
14. Management is not responsible for any loss, theft or damages to the goods or property of the passenger.
15. Luggage & Baggage is carried at your own risk.
16. No Fire Hazardous and Contraband articles are permitted to be carried by any passenger.
17. Management is not responsible for delay and cancellation of trips on account of Breakdown, Accident, Riots etc., and due to any unforeseen circumstances.
18. In case of cancellation of a coach, proportionate refund will be paid back.
19. The coaches and the passengers are covered by insurance. That means, accident and consequential injury and loss of life, are covered in the insurance.
20. In case of coach break-down, management is not responsible for any alternate transport arrangement, though management will try its best to provide another available coach.
21. Pets, Animals, Birds are not permitted in the coach, and if found, the passenger is bound to be alighted from coach.
22. Smoking and Drinking are not permitted inside the coach.
23. The arrival & departure time mentioned on the ticket are tentative timings and may change due to unforeseen events. The coach will not leave the source before the time that is mentioned on the ticket.
24. Seats Will Be Confirmed Only After Successful Payment. (Depending Upon Seat Availability).
25. Passenger found disturbing the co-passenger, in a logical way, is liable to be alighted from the coach. However for further assistance or complaint please feel free to Contact Us at

Nandan Travels, Nagpur 9325394474 / 7620941415

Nandan Travels, Jabalpur 0761-4042250/6999789
26. All transaction amount is in INR (Indian National Rupee).
27. All disputes are subject to Seoni, Madhya Pradesh Jurisdiction.
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